Technical support to the solar energy program of Garamba National Park

The mission consists in a technical support for the implementation of a solar energy program in the peripheral areas of Garamba National Park in northeastern DRC as part of the project "Conservation of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development of protected Areas of Garamba" funded by the European Union and implemented by the African Parks company that manages the park.
This energy access improvement program aims to develop the solar energy market in the hunting area and the riparian areas of the complex for the benefit of local communities. The expected results are : 1) Installation of at least two photovoltaic mini-grids in the urban centers of Dungu and Faradje (20 to 40 kW) ; 2) Deployment of individual solar systems (Solar Home System - SHS) for at least 10,000 households in particular thanks to PAYGO’s pay-as-you-go payment model ; 3) Distribution of at least 1,500 subsidized solar lanterns for the poorest households.