PSP Hydro in Rwanda


MARGE assists GIZ with the implementation of the “Private Sector Participation in Micro Hydro Power Supply for Rural Development (PSP Hydro)” project in Rwanda. This project started in 2006, with the intention to more seriously assist Rwandan private firms to develop micro hydro power plants (MHPP).
Currently 3 privately developed and operated MHPP (combined capacity of about 1 MW) are in operation and function quite well. This has attracted the attention of the energy sector stakeholders and from now on most new MHPP will be developed in similar ways. In fact, as a pilot program, an effort will be launched soon to privatize management for 4 public MHPP.
Under the GIZ managed PSP program, 4 more plants (1 MW) are in various stages of development and 7-8 more are in the planning stages (5.9 MW). MARGE assists the project team with policy and strategy advise to further develop the micro-hydro sector and maximize private sector involvement.