PAAEDC / Bangui


MARGE participates in the development of the Integrated Action Plan and effective management tools to promote sustainable access to household energy and mitigate climate change in the city of Bangui (PAAEDC) in the Central African Republic. This project is funded by the European Union through a partnership agreement with the Bangui City Council which has joined the Covenant of Mayors of Sub-Saharan Africa. The objective of this convention is to increase the capacity of cities to provide access to sufficient, sustainable, affordable and clean energy services for urban and peri-urban populations (especially the poorest). The PAEDC is a strategic document that should guide the implementation of programs to improve access to energy while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring people adapt to climate change. The PAAEDC must then result in the implementation of the identified programs.
The MARGE team supports Bangui for the realization of the diagnostic study and the development of the PAAEDC action plan. The action plan will focus mainly on the domestic energy aspects, namely electricity (to meet the needs of lighting, communication, entertainment, comfort, etc.) and wood energy (especially meeting cooking needs). A first mission has already taken place in March to start the diagnostic phase : analyze the supply and demand of domestic energy in the city of Bangui. For this first phase, MARGE must quantify the demand for domestic energy in Bangui, evaluate the strategic, economic and financial and legal framework of the energy sector in the Central African Republic, identify the renewable energy resources and technologies to be valorized as well as the ongoing or planned projects or programs and finally prioritize the potential and opportunities for improving domestic energy supply in Bangui.