Market System Analysis for mini-grids in the DRC


MARGE is definitely very active in DRC. In fact, MARGE experts have just started a mission for ELAN RDC. The objective is to conduct a Market System Analysis for mini-grids that will allow ELAN RDC to design strategic intervention in the sector. This assignment takes place within the frame of a 5 year Private Sector Development Programme in the RDC, implemented by ASI and financed by DFID (UKAID).
MARGE will have to produce a detailed MSA report including: i) a market system mapping for the sector of privately run mini-grids in the DRC, ii) comparison of different technical solutions (solar, hydro, hybrid etc.), delivery and payment schemes, investment needs and business models, iii) analysis of financing instruments, iv) analysis of constraints and systemic issues, v) identification of specific opportunities for sizeable and replicable pro-poor change, vi) an overview of potential entry points, vii) key design features of a programme intervention in the sector.