Final evaluation of BOREALE programme


MARGE carried out the final evaluation of BOREALE programme in Madagascar. This programme was implemented by FONDEM in partnership with several local and international partners, including the European Commission, which co-funded the project within the framework of the "Facilité Energie 2". The project aimed at electrifying 7 villages with solar mini-grids and at supporting the development of rural electrification programmes in 9 regions of Madagascar, including mobuilization of development partners for implementation. The second component of the project changed during the course of the project and the development of new programmes turned into documentation and dissemination of past rural experiences. This led to the development of 2 new rural electrification programmes which will help to implement the lessons learned from the BOREALE progamme. MARGE final evaluation report assesses the successes and failures of BOREALE with a critical eye with the objective of providing lessons learned and new ideas to FONDEM and all rural electrification stakeholders in Madagascar. The report was well appreciated by FONDEM and its quality acknowledged. It is MARGE’s hope that the lessons learned from the programme BOREALE and summarised in this report will contribute to the development of new, ambitious and successfull rural electrification programmes in Madagascar and beyond.