BRILHO Energy Africa Mozambique

BRILHO Energy Africa Mozambique is a project set out by DFID Mozambique aiming at increasing energy access in Mozambique for 1.5 million people and 15,000 businesses and to mobilize GBP 20 million in private funding over the next five years. 

MARGE’s role is to provide support on the component 4 of the project: Policy Reform & Institutional Strengthening. This component will strengthen the linkages among government/private sector/financial institutions and improve government capacities to support companies in scaling their operations, while also improving the policy and regulatory environment for off-grid energy; including the financial sector and off-grid energy and telecom companies; while maximizing benefits for women and other vulnerable groups; as well as productive use of energy, such as solar-powered irrigation to increase agricultural production, employment and income, and mobile money opportunities. Improving the policy and regulatory environment in these areas, while strengthening the capacity of the corresponding government agencies, is expected to stimulate private sector delivery of products and services that enable local businesses, increasing their resilience and sustainability.