Advice on Financial Support Mechanisms and on Quality Assurance in the detailed preparation of NAMA support projects

The main objective of this assignment is to provide advisory services to NAMA Support Organisations (NSOs) and their partners in the development and implementation of financial support mechanisms for National Support Projects (NSPs). These services will improve the design of financing mechanisms deployed for low-carbon projects on a commercial or semi-commercial (non-grant) basis. Marge and its partners will a) undertake a rigorous due diligence of potential projects to determine optimal financing mechanisms, and b) recommend appropriate structures for the financing mechanisms. The second objective of this assignment is to review NSP planning and re-align it with sector, national and NAMA facility priorities. This involves a review on 3 levels: i) The “far” environment: analysis of the larger environment and interviews with key stakeholders, including synthesis of program-relevant factors in a STEEPL framework (Social, Technical, Environmental, Economic, Legal); ii) The “near” environment: Looking at project collaboration with immediate implementing partners such as financial institutions, political decision-makers, implementing organisations, consumer groups and civil society; and iii) “Internal” processes: analysis of monitoring and review processes tracking, and their alignment with the objectives of the NAMA program.