Other sustainable development projects


    Technical support to the strategy and formulation of a Climate and Environment Thematic Portfolio : Contribution to the energy strategy

    2021 / Sahel (Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali, Niger)

    The overall objective of the PTCE is to combat desertification and land degradation in order to support the socio-economic development and climate change resilience of the most vulnerable populations in the Sahel (more specifically in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Senegal). MARGE had to provide an inventory of the energy sector (renewable energy) and the wood-energy sector, as well as the governance of natural resources in these four countries, in order to develop a coherent strategy for the energy component of the PTCE.


    Support for the implementation of refrigerated storage infrastructures for agricultural products with an energy mix

    2020 / Enabel

    ENABEL accompanies Guinea in the construction of cold rooms for the storage of pineapple, mango and potato. The role of MARGE was to accompany Enabel and its partners in the proposal of cold room models adapted to Guinea context, energy efficient and with an energy production system ensuring the continuity of service and using renewable energies.


    Formulation of the energy component of PIREDD-South Ubangui

    2020 / Enabel

    The PIREDD-SU programme in the province of Sud-Ubangui (north-western DRC) focuses, among other things, on : i) the implementation of actions to reduce emissions linked to deforestation and forest degradation, ii) the development of sustainable agriculture that reconciles production and conservation, iii) the development of renewable energy sources, iv) the implementation of agroforestry, reforestation and afforestation actions.... MARGE aims at elaborating the formulation of the energy component of this programme.


    Organisational Assessment of Productive Uses of Energy

    2020 / United Purpose

    The mission consists in undertaking an organisational wide assessment of United Purpose’s activities in Malawi to identify opportunities for better integrating productive uses into their wider development programming. In particular, the objective is to understand how UP can more effectively engage in the energy-agriculture, energy-water and energy-finance nexuses, so that value is added for the communities UP works with. Ultimately, UP would like to be able to develop a pilot project with good scalability potential on the basis of MARGE’s recommendations.


    Economic and Social Development of Women through Renewable Energy in the Sahel (Senegal, Mali and Niger) - DESFERS

    2019 / Plan international

    The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the economic empowerment of 21,000 women in 4 regions of Senegal, Mali and Niger. Specifically, it aims to facilitate access to entrepreneurship in the sustainable energy sector by 4650 income generating activities (IGAs) of women (from 600 savings and loan groups), by developing a favorable context, by facilitating access to credit and solar energy and by building the capacity of women and integrated energy service operators.