Access to modern electricity and rural electrification


    Technical Assistance to the creation of the National Agency for Rural Energy Services (ANSER)

    2013 - 2015 / GIZ

    Definition of the authority and operational strategy of the Agency : strategical key options in project development, private sector role, energy services supply technology, financing mechanism and pricing - institutional framework design : organizational structure, job descriptions, institutional relationships and partnerships - development of a strategy to improve access to energy services in rural area,
    - laws and regulatory draft projects : decree on organisation, functioning and financial mechanism, operating and financial procedures manual of the agency - design of a business plan for the first running years of the agency, in consultation with sponsors - animation of four consultation and validation workshops with different project’s partners


    Economic and technical study for Access to Energy Services in Safo rural district (PASE)

    2013 - 2014 / Rural community of (Niger) - EU

    Assessing technical, economic and financial sustainability of PASE project, planning energy investments for each “energy area” identified by source of energy, listing and budgeting for these, drafting tender documents for energy services delegation, planning investment follow-up.


    Consultancy services for value chain studies on the renewable energy & bio-fuels industry in EAC Region

    2013 / ECO Consult Sepp & Busacker Partnerschaft - GIZ

    Analysis of supply chains in several East African countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania) and suggest intervention for improvement and upscaling.


    Minigrids policy toolkit

    2012 - 2013 / GIZ-EUIE-PDF

    Develop a policy toolkit for mini grids in Africa.


    Mid Term Review of the Electricity Access Roll out Program, Rwanda

    2012 / Netherlands Embassy - World Bank

    Review of the ambitious national electricity access roll-out program of Rwanda and recommend improvements for the next phase. All donors are waiting for the review before committing funds for the second phase. The review is particularly focused on the impact as result of the use of electricity, and productive use of electricity, and how this can be generated to increase the use of electricity in newly connected areas.