Access to modern electricity and rural electrification


    Promotion of rural electrification through renewable energies (PERER II)

    2015-2016 / GIZ

    The PERER programme promotes the development of renewable and rural energy in Madagascar through policy support, regional energy planning methodologies, hydropower and solar minigrid implementation, introduction of pro-poor and gender-sensitive project methodologies and improved national monitoring processes. MARGE supports the strategic planning of the PERER project and helps backstopping key project activities in the areas of energy policy development and project implementation. MARGE also provides advice and expertise for project management, planning, problem-solving and develoment of new activity areas.


    Market System Analysis for mini-grids in the DRC

    2016 / ELAN RDC (Adam Smith International)

    This assignment took place within the frame of a 5 year Private Sector Development Programme in the RDC, implemented by ASI and financed by DFID. The objective was to conduct a Market System Analysis for mini-grids that allow ELAN RDC to design strategic intervention for these sectors. Production of a detailed MSA report including: i) a market system mapping for the sector of privately run mini-grids in the DRC, ii) comparison of different technical solutions (solar, hydro, hybrid etc.), delivery and payment schemes, investment needs and business models, iii) analysis of financing instruments, iv) analysis of constraints and systemic issues, v) identification of specific opportunities for sizeable and replicable pro-poor change, vi) an overview of potential entry points, vii) key design features of a programme intervention in the sector


    Support to the implementation of SE4ALL national actions and process in Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola

    2015-2016 / Impulso - SNV - AfBD

    The project aims to assist the competent ministries of the DRC and Angola in the development of a National Action Agenda (AA), based on the model and the guidelines developed by the African SE4ALL hub, and in the development of a Prospectus Investment (PI), addressing the existing funding options in multilateral funds, bilateral and private.


    Energy sector study in DRC

    2015 - 2016 / KfW

    The mission consisted in studying the energy market and proposing investments opportunities for the German Bank, KfW. The main objectives were as following : 1) make an inventory of the renewable energy sector in the DRC 2) describe the Institutional and legal framework of the sector 3) analyze gaps, challenges and potential of the sector 4) inform of the Congolese government strategies and goals by 2030 5) make recommendations to the KFW on investment opportunities.


    Village Grid Consultancy for Energising Development (EnDev) Rwanda

    2015-2016 / GIZ

    EnDev Rwanda is promoting small-scale village grids in rural Rwanda, providing a financial incentive to companies that aim to invest into small-scale power generation and distribution based on renewable energy technologies (mainly hydropower and to a limited extend PV, other technologies are possible). For this assignment, MARGE provided a technical support to ensure that the proposed projects were technically sound, cost efficient, safe for employees and customers, and protect the local environment.